Global Health Equity Week 2023

Changemaker in Health 2023 Award Recipient FY23 in Chicago



Health IT policy is complex. To make a real impact on public policy, health advocacy is vital and requires strong, respected and coordinated voices.


HIMSS Chapter advocates connect with and educate policymakers at state, provincial and local levels, amplify public policy priorities, research the issues, build coalitions and monitor legislation—all with the goal of influencing public policy. When successful, health advocacy has the power to:


  • Guide health IT policy roadmaps
  • Enact legislation
  • Secure funding for strategic public policy support
  • Share stories, data, information and public policy positions





Learn more about the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Task Force, which provides opportunities to amplify HIMSS’s public policy priorities through outreach and relationship building—both grassroots with government officials, and grasstops with thought leaders and non-profit organizations.


HIMSS Public Policy Center – Learn more about critical public policy issues, how HIMSS engages in public policy and with governments at all levels, and how members can get involved.


HIMSS Legislative Action Center – Participate in legislative campaigns, track legislation, identify and contact your elected officials, and log your interactions



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